Help us find 25 individuals worthy of being called a hero to the community. These individuals will be showcased along with their story on our website and receive a small monetary gift as a thank you. of these 25 individuals, one will be selected by our committee and honored at our annual "Heroes Race" event. This Hero will receive a $500 gift as a thank you for their actions.

Your Information
Your Information:

Nominee Information
Nominee Information:

Please describe what makes your nominee a Worthy Hero (required)

Has there been a story about your Hero in the local media? If so, please share any links to online media coverage.

Were there others involved in this story who can be contacted? If so, please include their email/contact information.

Only the first 25 submissions that meet all the criteria will be showcased!

In order to be showcased, there are set criteria that must be met:

The person being nominated must currently reside or work within Tarrant County.

Heroes cannot nominate themselves.

Do they fit one of the following examples:

  • Inspiration to others: Does your hero serve as an example and inspire others?
  • Public Service: Has you Hero gone above and beyond the call of duty?
  • Outstanding Citizen: Is your Hero unselfish and/or have they displayed a concern for others welfare?
  • Heroic Act: Has your Hero performed an act that took great courage?
  • Overcome hardships and lead by example: Has your Hero faced challenges or obstacles and overcome them?
  • Philanthropic Involvement: Is your Hero making an impact on the community through philanthropy or volunteering?

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